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Common Size of Resistor

A general reference guides for typical resistor package size base on wattage.

Resistor (commonly known size)

Wattage SMD (length x width) Axial Resistor size
1/16W 0603 (1.55 x 0.85mm)
1/8W 0805 (2 x 1.2mm) Ø1.8 x 3mm, lead Ø0.45
1/4W 1206 (3.2 x 1.6mm) Ø2-2.5 x 6-6.5mm, lead Ø0.6
1/2W 1210 (3.2 x 2.5mm) Ø3.2 x 8.5mm, lead Ø0.6
1W 2512 (6.35 x 3.2mm) Ø5 x 11mm (or Ø3-3.5 x 9-12mm) , lead Ø0.6
2W 2512 (6.35 x 3.2mm)  Ø5 x 15mm
3W 2512 (6.35 x 3.2mm)  Ø5.5 x 16mm, lead Ø0.7
7W Ø8.5 x 32mm, lead Ø0.75


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