Smart Nation

Smart Nation an initiative in Singapore to collectively build a network of sensors and controllable infrastructure to help improve our lifestyle through the use of technologies.

PIC-CONTROL support this initiative, as our belief and vision of smart technologies will mould the world into a more productive place to live in.

We believe in a smart electronic system, and this is what a Smart Nation mean to us.

Smart City Global Mobile Communication Connectivity

SMART means You are in Control

Smart means simple to use. Simple enough to make you look smart. Allow you to improve your lifestyle without confusion or frustration. Technology must make you feel that you are in control the way you want it, that is smart.

A smart ecosystem can evolve and grow. Simple interface not only to the end user but also for the developers and integrators, allowing them to collectively contribute their expertise to build up an even smarter system.

Simplicity is smart.

NATION means Sharing Resources

Nation means efficient sharing. Sharing of integrated technologies which can improve our lifestyle. Why do we need so many, when one is enough?

Many technologies can be shared. Weather sensor in our neighbourhood can be shared with residents, to alert us coming rain so that we can close our windows or retrieve in our drying clothes. Transportation traffic notification for drivers or MRT/bus commuter. Sharing of internet connection throughout the island. A typical lifestyle of Singaporean.

Technologies may be expensive and out of reach from average household. Sharing of resources simply allows ownership at a fraction of the cost.

Smart home, smart nation, better lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive.

SMART NATION improve efficient, reduce cost

A smart nation is about deploying technologies that are simple to use and contribute to improving our daily lifestyle and affair. All these can only be achieved with the right framework. A self-evolving system that is specially designed for making a nation smarter progressively by the day. A system that continuously builds up smartness from what has already been built.

PIC-CONTROL design and develop a framework, that promotes Smart Nation. A framework that is,

  • simple to use
  • simple to integrate
  • cost effective
  • productive
  • promote sharing, open source
  • eco-system that promotes growth
  • environmental friendly

Most importantly, a productive framework that improves our efficiency and our lifestyle. PIC-CONTROL is committed to building a Smart Nation that truly works.

Let us work together to mould a smarter nation, contact PIC-CONTROL today.