Types Of Sensors

There are many different types of sensors surrounding us everywhere we go. Sensors play a significant role in improving our lifestyle, enabling automation and productivity. The smartphone that almost everyone is holding today has more sensors than it used to have. Microphone, camera, accelerometer, compass, light sensors, etc…

A sensor is a device that is able to convert physical information into an electronic signal.

A sensor is designed to convert the information from our environment using the law of physics, converting them into useful information for processing. With the improvement in technologies, more and more types of sensor are created. Let us look at the list of sensor technologies, followed by the name of the sensors use in the common application.

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Types of Sensor classified by Technology

Optical light

  • infrared sensor, IR sensor
  • PIR sensor (passive infrared sensor, pyroelectric infrared sensor)
  • photoelectric sensor
  • camera sensor (CCD sensor, CMOS image sensor)
  • optical sensor
  • (photocell sensor, photo sensor)
  • laser sensor
  • LDR sensor



  • hall effect sensor
  • inductive sensor
  • reed switch sensor (reed sensor)
  • magnetoresistive sensor
  • magnetometer sensor


  • RTD temperature sensor (PT100 sensor)
  • NTC sensor
  • PTC sensor
  • thermistor sensor
  • thermopile sensor


  • load cell sensor
  • piezoelectric sensor
  • fiber optic pressure sensor (Fiber Bragg grating sensor, fbg sensor)
  • strain gauge sensor


  • capacitive sensor
  • voltage sensor
  • RFID sensor
  • microwave sensor
  • MEMS sensor
  • limit switch sensor (contact sensor)
  • linear variable differential transformer sensor (LVDT)
  • hygrometer sensor (humidity)

Types of Sensor classified by Application

  • proximity sensor (displacement sensor)
  • distance sensor
  • motion sensor
  • temperature sensor
  • light sensor (ambient light sensor, daylight sensor, sun sensor)
  • vibration sensor
  • humidity sensor, moisture sensor (dew point sensor)
  • gyroscope sensor (gyro sensor)
  • pulse sensor (Human pulse)
  • occupancy sensor (presence sensor)
  • accelerometer sensor (G-force sensor, g sensor, shock sensor)
  • touch sensor (electric field sensor)
  • flex sensor
  • force sensor (flex sensor)
  • Tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS sensor, tyre pressure sensor)
  • blood pressure sensor
  • gas pressure sensor
  • current sensor
  • rain sensor
  • snow sensor
  • water sensor (flood sensor)
  • water level sensor (liquid level sensor, water depth sensor, fuel level sensor)
  • float sensor
  • oil level sensor
  • heat sensor (thermal sensor, infrared heat sensor)
  • level sensor (inclinometer sensor, angle sensor)
  • flow sensor (air flow sensor, water flow sensor, flow rate sensor)
  • door sensor (drawer sensor)
  • weight sensor
  • Gas sensor (CO2 carbon dioxide sensor, O2 oxygen sensor, smoke sensor, air quality sensor, lambda sensor, ammonia sensor, hydrogen sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, natural gas sensor, LPG gas sensor, Hydrogen sulfide H2S sensor)
  • nitrogen oxide sensor (NOX sensor)
  • Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) Sensor
  • alcohol sensor
  • dust sensor
  • sound sensor
  • heart rate sensor (heartbeat sensor)
  • tilt sensor
  • accelerometer sensor
  • speed sensor (velocity sensor)
  • parking sensor (car reverse sensor)
  • Ultra Violet sensor (UV sensor)
  • wind sensor
  • cloud sensor
  • sonar sensor
  • radar sensor
  • torque sensor
  • knock sensor
  • colour sensor (RGB sensor)
  • metal sensor
  • magnet sensor
  • orientation sensor
  • 3d position sensor
  • wireless sensor
  • rotation speed sensor (tachometer sensor, rpm sensor, shaft speed sensor)
  • draw wire sensor
  • gear tooth sensor
  • vehicle detection sensor
  • safety sensor
  • vibration sensor switch
  • radiation sensor
  • density sensor (liquid sensor)
  • inertial sensor
  • weather sensor
  • seismic sensor (earthquake sensor)
  • lux sensor
  • vacuum sensor
  • glass break sensor
  • glucose sensor
  • GPS sensor
  • steering angle sensor
  • 3d sensor
  • power sensor
  • eddy current sensor
  • barometer sensor
  • impact sensor (crash sensor)
  • turbidity sensor
  • abs sensor
  • conductivity sensor
  • ice sensor
  • ECG sensor
  • label sensor
  • wavefront sensor
  • leak sensor
  • driveway motion sensor
  • soil temperature sensor
  • soil humidity sensor
  • intake air temperature sensor (IAT sensor)
  • dusk to dawn sensor
  • yaw rate sensor
  • Near-infrared spectroscopy NIR sensor
  • rotary sensor (encoder)
  • non-contact temperature sensor
  • thermal imaging sensor
  • RF sensor
  • flame sensor
  • salinity sensor
  • ozone sensor
  • EMF sensor
  • lightning sensor
  • three axis gyro sensor
  • fire sensor

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