Distance Sensor

To measure the distance of an object a distance away, you will need a distance sensor. The following presents a list of range distance sensors to measure longer range with more precision. These sensors can be interfaced with an electronic controller which you can take the reading and use the information for automation control.

Laser Distance Sensor

Laser distance sensor can measure distance up 40 meters with accuracy +/- 0.025m.

Laser Distance Sensor

Distance: 0 – 40 meters
Accuracy: +/- 25mm
Power: 4.75-5.5Vdc
Current Consumption: <0.1A
Acquisition Time: <0.02sec
Rate: 1-500Hz
Interface: I2C, PWM

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Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

The ultrasonic sensor uses sound as a medium to detect the distance to a distanced object. A sound is transmitted and the time it takes for the reflected sound to return helps determine the distance of an object.

The sensor has to transmit and receive the sound, therefore no object like glass should be placed in front of the sensor.

Suitable for measure distance from a few cm to a few metres.

Ultrasonic Distance SensorDistance: 0 – 6.45 meters (42kHz)
Power: 2.5-5.5Vdc
Current Consumption: 2mA
Acquisition Time: <0.02sec
Rate: 20Hz
Interface: RS232 (9600bps), Analog output (0.4mV/mm), PWM output (5.8usec/mm).


Photoelectric IR Distance Sensor

IR Distance SensorDistance: 0.2 – 1.5 meters
Power: 4.5-5.5Vdc
Current Consumption: 33mA
Interface: Analog output


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