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PCB design is the process of translating your electronic circuit design (schematic) into a layout on a PCB board. Our engineers do not only draft electronic design on the computer screen. Leverage our engineer to improve your design to improve performance, usability, reducing maintenance and manufacturing cost. Check out our PCB design service details here. The following present a general guide on our PCB design cost.

PCB Design Costing Guide

The complexity of PCB design work is unique among the projects. This is only a reference guide (budgetary quotes) to provide new customers with an idea on the PCB design cost that they will be expecting.

PCB Design Price Reference (SGD $)

  PCB Board Size Number of Component Pins Projected Cost
1 50 x 50mm <50 pins $500
2 70 x 70mm 50 to 100 pins $1000
3 100 x 70mm 250-350 pins $2500

You can visit our PCB design service page and send in your design for the actual PCB design quote.

This pricing about is only a reference costing guide base on the board size and number of components. There are many other factors that can influence the PCB design cost.

Other factors that can affect the PCB design cost

  • Board density (Number of components / Space available on PCB board)
  • Number of copper layers required on the PCB
  • High speed, high frequency, RF design
  • Analog circuitry
  • High voltage
  • Component selection
  • The time taken to complete the work

Board Density

Board density is basically the space available on the PCB board surface. Space is needed to allow components to be mounted and traces (connection between components) to be routed. The smaller the board size, the lesser space, the more will be the cost. It takes more time to route the tightly spaced connection.

Number of Layers

Most customers prefer smaller and lighter product. Very often the size of the PCB board is a concern. An alternative is to add more copper layers onto the PCB board. The additional layers allow more space for the routing of the traces. While increase the layer help increase the available space, it will also increase the cost of production and maintenance. In most cases, our recommendation to our customer is to stick to at most 2 layer PCB board.

High Speed

High-speed circuit design involves a deep understanding of RF (radio frequency). The behaviour of a high-speed signal is very much different from a low-speed signal. There will be more interference and noise that needs to take into consideration in the circuit layout. The influence from electronic can happen from a frequency as low as kHz. This additional consideration can be complex and will take more time to design. In general, the higher the frequency, the more will be the cost.

Analog Circuitry

Analog circuit unlike a digital circuit where the signal is at a discrete level. Noise introduce to a digital signal can be easier to remove. Analog circuit has to be taken extra care to route so that the signal integrity can be maintained. Non-analog circuitry has to be routed to minimise interfering the analogue circuits.

High Voltage

It is to note that all material can conduct electricity. Even air, water, wood, soil, concrete, plastic can conduct. The higher the voltage, the more the material conducts. PCB board material can also conduct. It is important to be conscious on the conducting current when routing high voltage circuitry.

Component Selection

If your electronic design does not come with the actual component to use, we can recommend and help you in the component selection. Depending on the design, it may take half a day to a few days to complete the work. This can be a factor which adds up the cost too.


And of course time. The faster you need it, the more it will cost. The lead time for PCB design work will depend a lot on the market. We have a limited resource and the lead time may vary in the different period of the year.

In general, a very simple circuit can take about 3 to 5days to complete. On average the PCB design takes about 7 to 14 days of engineer’s time to complete. Most of our routing is done manually instead of using software to route automatically. This is to ensure that the signal integrity stays good. For complex PCB design, it can take up to 30 to 60 days.

Value Added PCB Design from PIC-CONTROL

PCB design cost can be a high investment even before the circuit production starts. A good PCB design can help to reduce future production cost. This means that the bigger potential your production quantity is, the more the effort to be put into PCB design.

PIC-CONTROL is able to help, ensures a more effective production cost by understanding your future needs. Allow our Sales Engineer to understand your product and how it will be used. A wide range of questions will be asked to help us have a better idea of your future needs. The more we understand, the better we can predict the future challenges, hence we can optimise a better design. How will the board be used by the end user? Does the board require other features in near future? Any other variations for the electronic board product?

Multiple design thoughts can be merged into a single PCB board design. We can design a circuit board that can cater to a boarder range of variation so that board production and variation is possible without incurring higher cost. Design variation can be designed onto a single board. This means that you save cost from having to generate more PCB design and having more boards to stock. Keep less design and stock, yet still, have the flexibility range of product variety.

A good PCB design can help reduces your future cost. This is why PIC-CONTROL takes more effort and care in your PCB design ensuring that it will be able to meet your future challenges. We believe the importance of having the right design right from the very beginning.


For other design costings, check out our product design costing guide.

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