MDB Converter Products

Looking for MDB converter products for your vending or dispensing machine?

Here is a list of MDB converter available on the market.

MDB to Pulse Converter

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A simple Plug-&-Play solution to converter your pulse-based vending machine into a machine that can collect cashless payment (Credit Card, RFID, QR code, etc…)

You can now collect many types of cashless payments from any modern payment terminal that uses MDB (Multi Drop Bus) connection, a very common communication standard that the vending industry has adopted. A modern payment terminal can now accept cards like Visa, MasterCard, NFC, QR Code, PayNow, etc… . many more…

You do not need to understand the technical part of MDB. Simple to setup. Connect the select buttons and this board can trigger the payment terminal to collect the payment amount that you have setup.

Company: PIC-CONTROL Pte. Ltd.


MDB to VCCS Converter

VCCS protocol is commonly used in Japan’s vending machine. Japan vending machines are highly sought after. Communication poses an issue because VCCS is not easy to deal with. There is hardly any documentation relating to the VCCS protocol.

This converter allows a cashless payment terminal (using MDB protocol) to connect and talk with a Japan vending machine system (using VCCS protocol).

This converter allows the more popular MDB protocol (commonly used by vending machines all over the world) to connect to a VCCS vending machine.

This MDB to VCCS converter product is available here. It is distributed solely by MobileEFTpos in Singapore.

Company: Mobile Eftpos (asia) Pte Ltd


MDB to VCCS converter

MDB to RS232, RS232 to MDB Converter

This is a simple MDB to RS232 or RS232 to MDB device. Very useful in troubleshooting MDB issues through monitoring of the MDB communication line between your devices.

A handy tools

Company: Wafer


MDB Converter & Raspberry Pi Hat.

MDB Converter 4

Interface MDB via proprietary serial communication. Allows you the flexibility to interface with MDB without needing to deal with the complicated MDB communication protocol.

Company: Abrantix


VE9390 – PULSE to MDB Conversion Kit

Proprietary MDB converter. Contact the company for further details.

Company: Vendors Exchange International



This interface offers a convenient solution for modernizing parallel/pulse operated vending machines with up-to-date MDB payment systems, which also encompass bank card readers. It can be utilized for a variety of machines such as those dispensing hot drinks, universal items, self-service setups, kiddie rides, and more.



MDB-USB Interface

MDB to USB Interface by Qibixx

A very comprehensive MDB device that has many powerful features to convert, diagnose, troubleshoot, and develop MDB-related projects.

Effortlessly connect VMCs to Multi Drop Bus devices on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Uncover cashless possibilities and data insights with Master & Slave functions. Customize the MDB interface, or utilize Stand-alone mode for payments and relays.

Company: Qibixx



Introducing the PC2MDB™: Revolutionizing Vending with PC Integration

The PC2MDB™ transforms the landscape of vending machines by seamlessly integrating a PC into the equation, bridging the gap between controllers and cashless transactions. Utilizing the PC’s RS-232 port, this innovation empowers the PC to operate as a cashless slave device, extending its capabilities to the vending realm.

With PC2MDB™, existing vending machine controllers (VMC) are effortlessly managed via a PC. The interface enables the PC to function as a cashless device, redefining payment methods. Compatible with both PCs and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), it establishes a universal line of communication with all vending machines utilizing the MDB protocol, regardless of their manufacturer.

Enhancing its adaptability, PC2MDB™ offers multiple interface options, including Serial, Ethernet, and USB connections. This diversity makes it a potent and versatile solution for deploying distinct payment systems that require the integration of a PC or PLC alongside vending machines.

Experience a new era in vending technology with PC2MDB™, where seamless integration meets expanded possibilities. Elevate your vending operations today.

Company: Upstate Networks Incorporated


Customised MDB converter projects.

Do you need help in developing a customised MDB converter or interface board to solve your vending integration problem?

You can contact us. Tell us more about your entire vending system, and the help and support you need for the engineering integration work.