Electronic Hardware Design Service

Electronic hardware design is a very specialised field. It may be tedious to get started at first because you need quite a number of basic tools for building electronic hardware. Anyone can easily pick up this engineer skills in these days, learning through the internet and using Arduino development kit. The difference between a good and poor hardware design is mainly the experience.

PIC-CONTROL specialises in electronic hardware design and is committed to delivering guaranteed working product to our client. The main hardware design involves the following know-how.

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Power Supply Hardware Design

Power supply hardware is the most fundamental knowledge to have when designing electronic. All circuit requires this hardware design in order to function.

These are the 3 basic power supply hardware for electronics circuit that a designer will encounter on a daily basis.

  • Regulated DC Voltage (<24Vdc)
  • Unregulated Power Supply
  • 230Vac to Vdc design

Other Power Supply Type

  • 3 Phase AC Voltage
  • Regulated DC Current
  • Very high DC voltage regulation
  • Very high DC current regulation

Microcontroller and Digital Circuit Design

The microcontroller is the heart of most electronic design these days. A microcontroller is like a mini computer chip that is able to control logic using software codes.

Due to its flexibility, most modern electronic design uses a microcontroller. It is considered a general purpose IC chip that is necessary for modern hardware design.


  • Digital Logic control
  • Analog Voltage Sensing
  • Standard Data Communication (UART, SPI, I2C)
  • Timer Timing Control
  • Analog Voltage Out

FPGA controller (similar to the microcontroller) can do operations at a much higher speed. For an application that needs computation on the fly, FPGA is an alternative. It is slightly more expensive. Most project applications do not need these extreme features.

Data Communication Design

Depending on the industry that you are in, commonly used data communication are fairly different

  • USB for consumer electronics.
  • RS232, RS485 for industrial electronics.
  • Ethernet network communication for office and new industrial electronics.
  • Wireless. (not recommended for industrial designs)

Analog Electronic Design

Analog design is seldom used in the modern electronic design. Most analogue features are integrated into a specialised IC chip. The integration work becomes more digital. It is easier and more precise when compared to designing our own analogue circuit from scratch.

For basic analogue design, it is hard to avoid using the op-amp component. It is a basic component used in the analogue design. There are many different types of the op-amp to select from depending on the nature of your project.

Industrial Standard

Difference electronic hardware designer think differently. Their design evolves over the years in their own industry. Other designers also start to copy to keep their product compatible with their industry. Over time a pattern can be observed from the electronic hardware that is designed in a particular industrial.

The electronic hardware in an oil and gas industry is different from the automotive industry. Building offices and home consumer products have their own standard hardware design.

The following are some of the evolution points to take note of when evaluating hardware design across the various industries.

Electronic Hardware Design in Singapore

For electronic hardware design, you can contact PIC-CONTROL. Send us your electronic hardware requirements to us, and we will translate your idea into a working hardware design for you.