Alarm Mute Switch [PIC-124]

Convert your existing alarm to be mute for a period of time.

Alarm Mute Switch device (PIC-124)

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Wiring Connection

Existing alarm wiring connection

Alarm system wiring

Adding on PIC-124 Alarm Mute Switch to your existing alarm setup

*** Please note that the input port can only accept dry contact input. (eg. a passive switch or passive output of a relay).
The output port is only a simple relay output. Please check if the rating is suitable for your use.

Alarm mute switch wiring diagram

PIC-124 Description

Alarm mute switch panel (PIC-124)

  • USB – Power supply input for the device through a USB mini-B cable. (5V 0.5A)
  • Alarm Input – Notification from the external alarm system.
  • Mute Switch – Switch input for muting the alarm.
  • Output Light – Alarm status output. (Output follows Alarm Input)
  • Output Alarm – Alarm output which can be mute by the mute switch.

Note: There is an internal buzzer build in the device PIC-124. The buzzer can be disabled by pulling out the jumper on the circuit board inside the enclosure.

Operating Instruction

Simple step-by-step operation guide

  1. Connect up the PIC-124 Alarm Mute Switch wiring connection.
  2. Alarm Input activated.
  3. Both Output Light & Output Alarm will be activated.
  4. Pressing on the Mute Switch will deactivate the Output Alarm for 3 minutes.
  5. After 3 minutes, Output Alarm will be activated again.

When Alarm Input is not active, both Output Light & Output Alarm will also get deactivated.

Product Specification

  • Power up from 5V USB power supply.
  • Output relay contact rating is 24Vdc 2A, 230Vac 0.5A
  • Build in buzzer (can be enabled or disable)
  • A panel mount switch can be solder and install on the casing if preferred.
  • Alarm Input can trigger back the alarm even when muting is in operation.
  • Customised Mute Timing.
  • Customised Edge Trigger or Level Triggered mute switch.
  • Customised Retriggering of the mute time period.


PIC-124 product dimension

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