CAN Number Card Reader [PIC-347], USB HID Keyboard Wedge

CAN no. reader, USB Keyboard connection

CAN Number Card Reader for CEPAS (Ezlink or NetsFlashPay Cards) for Computer desktop. It connects up to your computer like a USB keyboard (HID Keyboard Wedge) and type out the CAN number that is read, each time a card is flash on the reader. Works like a barcode scanner.

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  • Use Student Concession Card for attendance taking.
  • Registration for use of facilities
  • Visitor or guest registration
  • Issuing of temporary security passes.
  • Loan or borrowing of items
  • Lucky draw registration
  • Temporary registration
  • Attendance taking
  • Working hour, Clock-in Clock-out
CEPAS CAN number card reader (USB Keyboard Wedge Version.)


  • Reads out CAN number from CEPAS (Ezlink and NetsFlashPay cards).
  • Simple Text output type out like a keyboard.
  • USB HID Keyboard Wedge. (no need to install software driver)
  • Small size 92 x 66 x 28mm
  • Buzzer sound (DIP switch select-able).
  • <Enter> Keystroke at the end of the text string (DIP switch select-able).
  • Power up by a single USB mini-B cable.

For example:
A spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc) can be opened up. The CAN number reader simply capture each card’s CAN number and make an entry onto your spreadsheet application (behaves like your keyboard). Allow the spreadsheet to capture and record the CAN numbers. Entry to a simple notepad application works in a similar way.

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Custom Solution

This product is a semi-custom solution to suit your dedicated application.

Available in both
– USB Virtual Serial Communication [PIC-347-COM]
– USB HID Keyboard Wedge [PIC-347-HID]

We can also provide the service to assist you in programming a custom spreadsheet document for your application, or develop a custom software for your business operation for use with a CAN number card reader.

Contact us today, tell us more about your project. We can customised the solution for your application.

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