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5mm LED Strip [PIC-250]

LED strip PIC-250 features tightly packed PCB board for 5mm LED. The close proximity allows more LED to be mounted and hence maximise the intensity of your lighting zone. Mount the strip the way you like it to be. Increase the light intensity by focusing all the power of your lights.

PIC-250 comes in a long strip which can be broken into sections to the length you need.


  • up to 48 LED per PCB strip.
  • breakable strip in sets of 4 LED in series.
  • designed for 12V supply and above.
  • Mount up to 5mm round type LED lamp package, pitch 2.54mm
  • Resistors 0.125Watt (reverse mount)

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5mm LED Strip [PIC-250]

Product Illustration…5mm LED Strip [PIC-250]5mm LED Strip [PIC-250] 5mm LED Strip [PIC-250]LED light intensity is define by millicandela (mcd). MCD defines the light intensity within the focused beam region.
Water Clear LED 3mm, available for indication purpose LED GreenGreen   (568nm, 26mcd)LED YellowYellow  (587nm, 32mcd)LED OrangeAmber  (610nm, 33mcd)LED Red OrangeOrange Red (635nm, 35mcd)

LED RedHi- Red (697nm, 9mcd)