VLC-8000 LED Strobe Light Controller

VLC-8000 LED Strobe Light Controller (8 Channel)

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VLC-8000 LED Stroke Light Controller

Pulse control LED light (strobe light) for machine vision inspection use.

Strobe light (like a camera flash) allows the camera to capture a sharper image for image processing. This controller can be connected directly to your inspection camera or a computer system for LED pulse light trigger.


Vision Inspection System using VLC-8000

Vision Inspection System Devices

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Vision Inspection System using VLC-8000 Strobe Light Controller


VLC-8000 LED Strobe Light Controller


VLC-8000 pulsed light controller features

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  • 8 channel LED Output (up to 4A pulse current per channel)
  • 8 channel Light Trigger Input
  • Ethernet or RS232 communication
  • Wide range power supply input (12-48Vdc)
  • Easy pluggable Connector for wiring
  • Easy Configuration
Pulsed LED output port. Control current up to 4A.

LED Channel Output

This pulse controller has 8 channel LED output. Each output can be configured in various mode of strobe lighting inspection operation.

You can control the precise current supplied to the LED for brightness control. You can also control the following timing parameters (in microseconds),

  • Time delayed pulsed light
  • Duration of the pulsed light

Suitable for LED voltage 12V to 24V up to pulse current 4A (max).

Input trigger to control the precise timing for a pulse LED light output.

Light Trigger Input

Trigger input to pulse the corresponding LED channel at the precise timing. You can connect camera output control signal to synchronise the camera image capture to the LED light output.

The LED channels can also be synchronised to pulse through a single trigger input.



Ethernet network connectivity to configure and control the LED pulse controller

Ethernet Network Communication

You can configure the LED controller operation through the network using Ascii coded commands (UDP protocol).

You can detect VLC-8000 controller in your intranet network through it self-discovery protocol.

RS232 communication version is also available as an alternative to Ethernet connectivity.


Wide Range Voltage Input Power Supply

Use the power supply rated for your LED lighting. If the LED is 12V, the power supply input will be 12V. For 24V LED, the power supply will be 24V.

The controller can accept a wide power supply voltage input range from 12V – 48V.

Pluggable connector for trigger and pulsed LED wiring

 Easy Pluggable Connector

A pluggable connector helps simplify your onsite installation and maintenance.

easy to configure LED strobe light controller

Easy Configuration

Configuration can be done through software or via Ethernet network using the built-in Webserver. You can also send network command messages to control or configure the LED controller.

 8 channel LED strobe light controller in Singapore  Steps control operation LED pulse light output synchronisation.
LED controller accept wide supply voltage range.  High current pulsed LED lighting controller heat sink


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