USB Data Blocker

Safe charging with USB Data blocker. By PortaPow.

A dongle adaptor device to protect your mobile phone from hackers while charging your mobile phone in the public facilities. Stay safe while charging and protect your privacy from hackers. A must have data protection condom for your mobile phone.

Juice Jacking (Phone Hijacking)

A new method of mobile phone hacking known as Juice Jacking is used by hackers to hijack your phone. Mischievous virus program can infect your mobile phone via a public charging station.

Once your phone is plugged in the USB port, your phone will gets the infection. The malware infection will remains inside your mobile phone even when it has already been unplugged from the mischievous charging station. This allows the hackers to sniff on your online communication activities, your banking information, and sensitive data stored inside your phone.

How to use this Data Blocker?

Charge your phone smartly.

Stay vigilant and protect your phone today by plugging in this Datablocker device between your mobile phone and a public charging station. This will prevent the infection to your phone and hence ensuring that you are safe from hacker.

Where to Buy Data Blocker for your mobile phone?

You can buy this safe charging adapter from our online store.

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