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PIC-CONTROL works closely with our partner The Interaction Company to deliver interactive digital media fun for clients and their customers. The Interaction Company delivers user interactive solution which helps enhance your customer experience, creating an impact on your company branding relationship with your customer.

The use of cutting edge digital media technologies such as Multi-Touch Display, Gesture/Object/Gender Recognition, Augmented Reality allows the customer to interact freely, and bring an impact of the message that you would like to convey to your customer. Check out the latest project portfolio from The Interaction Company.

Interactive Touch Multimedia User Interface

PIC-CONTROL focus the electronic interface in realising the user experience interactive with the digital media. We support the engineering needs, through the use of unique sensors, actuators and latest advanced electronics technologies, creating the right solution for your customer’s interactive experience.

We built electronics automation system which can enhance the digital media, and improve user interaction with a machine. We have the expertise to develop an effective sensory method, connecting between various electronic system to create a rich user experience that has that lasting impact to your business brand marketing campaign.

Automated Ship Model Control

moving ship model

Automated moving ship model exhibits controlled through a back-end computerised central server system.


electronic operating the ship models

Ship automation electronics hardware controlled through the system. Power supply, PLC controllers, and motor drivers.

Digital Weighting Scale Exhibits

interactive digital weight scale exhibit display

Digital Weight Scale interactive exhibit. Customised LED backlight changes intensity gracefully, with a slow dimming transition effect, simulating the natural skylights. Multi-colored LED metering panel changes colour in a smooth magical transition indicating the weight on the digital scale. Warning indicator with alarm beep to warn the user for overloading item’s weight.


smart electronic inside the interact scale

Inside the control box.

  • Custom made Electronics controller.
  • Digital weight sensor.
  • LED white backlight.
  • Coloured LED metering panel.
  • Power supplies to the system.

interactive digital weight scale installation work

System installation for the weight lever. The lever is supported by bearings to ensure the platform is stable and firm.

hardware inside the digital weight scale

Using LED strips for the white backlights dimming and intensity control, and Coloured RGB LED strips for the front metering panel display.

Interactive Learning Display with Flat Switch

interactive information kiosk with touch button on wall

Interactive Digital Display with flat user control touch switches conceal flash with the panel.Customised user control for interactive screen display, and LED lighting control for product displayed behind the glass cabinet.

flat touch switch flush with the wall panel

Ultra flat user control switch for interactive control with the digital display.User touch switch, flush and conceal with the vinyl graphics wall.

electronic hardware behind the interactive information kiosk

Hardware installation of the display screen, lighting cabinets and control electronics.

ultra thin flat switch that can flush with wall

Ultra flat switch less than 1mm thin. Thin enough to allows it to be concealed behind wall graphics.Your various exhibit graphics can be blended nicely with this flat control switch for your user to interact.This flat switch has a longer lifespan compare to a mechanical switch. Unlike a typical mechanical push switch, it does not have movable mechanical parts which will wear and tear over its operating lifespan.The flat switch is sensitive to pick up light touches, blend nicely with the surrounding and has a much longer operating lifespan.

Our choice of technologies aims to provide our customers with a cost effective solution. We strive to design a cost effective solution, minimising maintenance work, extending operating lifespan.


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