Stacking PCB Board IC Tray Design

PCB reflow tray for testing IC chipsQFN 3x3mm reflow tray for IC chip using PCB boards

Reflow Tray for IC Chip Baking Temperature Testing

PCB tray design for temporary IC chip baking testing. Suitable for testing IC chip under reflow soldering temperature.

There is a limit of PCB tray reuse. PCB tray is not suitable for repetitive usage.


  • For QFN IC chips
  • Holder on board for 280pcs
  • Stacking screw/nut design
  • A top cover to protect IC chip from blowing away.

Stackable Tray Design

The baking IC Tray is designed to be stackable with a cover on the top.

stacking IC Tray PCB boards with covering  

Stacking IC Tray PCB boards

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