PCB Assembly Cost

PCB Assembly in Singapore

PCB assembly or circuit assembly cost involve soldering and mounting of electronic components onto the PCB boards.

As a general guide, the cost of assembly depends on the production quantity, the number of component pins as well as the type of component footprints needed to be soldered. The density of the board (number of components in a given board space) can also affect the cost. If the PCB design work is done well in the design stage, there should be less of an issue in the PCB assembly process.

For PCB design, you can go to this page PCB Design Service.

Low Volume PCB Circuit Assembly Costing Guide

This is only a reference guide (budgetary quotes) to provide new customers with a rough idea,  on the PCB assembly costing for a 10pcs production lot.

The circuit board assembly process is done manually.

Price Reference (base on the number of pins)

  Number of Pins Cost
1 50 $15
2 150 $39
3 180 $49
4 220 $59

This pricing about is only a reference costing guide base on the number of components. The following information is required before your PCB assembly starts,

  • your PCB layout (Gerber files or *.pdf)
  • your BOM list (Bill of Materials)
  • PCB circuit assembly quantity.

For other manufacturing costings, check out the product development costing reference.

High Volume Print Circuit Board Assembly

For high volume board assembly, it is typically done through the robotic machine. Some setup cost is involved. The per board assembly cost will be high if your quantity low.

As a rule of thumb, the assembly cost will be lower for a larger quantity. For a quantity of more than 100pcs, this would be the best options.

Depending on your PCB design, some process may not be able to automate.

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