High Voltage Measurement Probe Circuit

High voltage electrical pulse probe measurement

High Voltage Electrical Pulse Probe Digital Meter

Operate by a 9V battery, pulse probe digital meter detects high voltage pulse and measures the energy if the electrical pulse.

The measurement range from 1KVolt to 10KVolt.

High voltage pulse electronic circuit board

The main probe that is mounted onto the PCB board will be used for touching the line with the high electrical pulse. The wired probe is extended and will be inserted into the ground earth for reference.

The device also displays the battery lifespan and blinks when the battery level is too low.

There is no on/off button. The device will be automatically switched on when a battery is inserted or when a high voltage pulse is detected on the probe. When the detected voltage is >10KVolt, the meter will display “HI” to indicate that the detected voltage has exceeded the measurement range. (high voltage sensor)

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