Guide to Nordic Bluetooth BLE for Beginner

This guide provide a certain direction to learn and understand about Bluetooth BLE using Nordic tools and microcontroller.

The learning process with Nordic product can be very overwhelming. This guide provide a means to understand Bluetooth progressively.

  1. Read the bookInside Bluetooth low energyby Naresh Gupta
    This book contains all the technical names of Bluetooth. It is important to know that these names exist. You do not need to read this book in detail for a start. Just a brief read-through of the features available in BLE. You will need to be aware of the wording convention used in Bluetooth Low Energy. Just be aware of the terminology used in the book as it is very helpful when you navigate with the following tools and working with the source-code in nRF SDK. This book can act as a dictionary for you to understand what those terms mean.
    Another book is “Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy: Tools And Techniques For Low-Power Networking” by Kevin Townsend. The content is more relevant to Nordic microcontroller chip product.
  2. Play with nRF Connect apps “Bluetooth Low Energy” using the nRF52840-Dongle
  3. A short introduction and familiarisation to nRF52840-DK board.
  4. Learning how Bluetooth connects.
  5. (Optional) Play radio test with RSSI Viewer, with the application example “Radio Test Example”
  6. Watch video of how Nordic works, and what is Nordic SoftDevices (Bluetooth stack from Nordic)
  7. Start with nRF SDK (blinky application)
    Learning how Bluetooth connects.

    Application: ble_central -> ble_app_blinky_c
    Application: ble_peripheral-> ble_app_blinky
  8. Reference about the Cortex M4 C++ programming and the Nordic API for Bluetooth programming.

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