Setup to Test Radio


Examples related to RF test

Radio Test Example

Setup Spectrum Analyser Board

Open the software nRF Connect -> RSSI Viewer.

Program one of the board to view the frequency spectrum. When you select the board inside the RSSI Viewer, it will assist you to flash in the RSSI Viewer firmware.

Setup RF Transmitter Board

On another board, load in the firmware for the example
Hardware peripheral examples – > Radio Test Example

This can be found from the SDK directory
F:\…..\nRF5 (SDK)\examples\peripheral\radio_test\hex

Connect this board to a console.

Key in the command “start_tx_carrier“. This will make the board transmit at a frequency. You should notice that frequency (at channel 0) spike up from the RSSI Viewer on the spectrum analyser board. You can change the frequency to transmit using the command “start_channel” followed by again the command “start_tx_carrier“. Example to change transmitting RF at channel 20.

start_channel 20

You can also change the transmit power using the command “output_power” followed again by the command “start_tx_carrier” to start transmitting at the new power set.

The command “cancel” switch off everything.

The command “parameters_print” display the current settings.

Key in the command “start_tx_sweep“. You will see the frequency sweeping from the left (lower frequency) to the right (higher frequency). You can use the command “time_on_channel” to set a sweep delay (from 1ms to 99ms) to make the sweeping slower. You can also control the channel (frequency) range to sweep using the command “start_channel” and “end_channel“.

Issue with Radio Test example

No idea how to send and receive data for the radio test.

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