Electronic Product Design

PIC-CONTROL offers electronic product design, ODM services (Original Design Manufacturing) to our customers. The process to produce the electronic circuit board product is simple.

We will need the application details of your electronic product and can handle the rest of the engineering details for you. Delivery will usually include the design files for your future reproduction, depending on the project.

The following is a typical electronic product design process

  1. You have to provide us with an introduction to your project. This includes the product application and the intention. This information will provide us with the background to design the electronic with the correct intention for your application.
  2. Our engineer will proceed to evaluate a draft design for your electronic product. Depending on the complexity, this process usually takes 1 to 10 days.
  3. A quotation will be generated based on the evaluation for your consideration. An estimate quote for the production cost may also be presented for your reference. This allows you to project future costing and also understanding the production cost from PIC-CONTROL.
  4. If the quotation is to proceed, you can acknowledge it by issuing a purchase order to PIC-CONTROL.
  5. The development work for an electronic circuit prototype will proceed. A prototype will allow you to do testing and verify if the features are correct. A prototype production for a simple design can take about 3-8 weeks. The lead time can be shortened if manual wiring work is acceptable.
  6. The delivery of the prototype usually includes the schematic design. We do not tie you down to do the electronic production with PIC-CONTROL. With the schematic design, the client can choose to work with their preferred electronic production house.
  7. The next phase is the PCB design. This is the design of the component layout for mass production. PCB design takes about 1-2 weeks. The layout will be presented to you for acceptance and approval.
  8. The final phase is the mass production of the circuit boards. PCB boards will be fabricated, components will be purchased for circuit assembly. The process can usually take another 3-5 weeks depending on the components availability and the production quantity.

Send in your electronic project details for our assessment today.