Electronic Components Market and PCB Manufacturers in Malaysia | near Singapore

Electronic Parts, Market Place in Malaysia

What can we buy or shop for electronic parts, components, PCB fabrication or electronic design services in Malaysia?

For electronic parts sourcing in Malaysia, the Central Market Kuala Lumpur (also known as Pasar Seni) is a heaven place for electronic shopping. It is located in the city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. There is a whole row of shops selling electronic stuff, and designing electronic projects. The shops can be found along the Jalan Pasar road which is near the Pudu Wet Market.

On this street, you will be able to find a lot of electronic parts and components. This is equivalent to the electronic components market at Sim Lim Tower located in Singapore.

Check out more from this link of the map for electronic components, parts, design or PCB from the entire Malaysia.

Komponen Elektronik Shops in Kuala Lumpur along Jalan Pasar Street, Malaysia

Jalan Pasar. A street full of electronic component shops in KL Malaysia. A 5 minutes walk from the nearest MRT train station “Pudu“.

The market opens at about 9am, and starts to close at about 5pm (from Monday to Sunday)

Electronic Components Shops near Kuala Lumpur

Electronic Component Shops in Penang Malaysia

Tonsin Component in Penang Malaysia (George Town Area)     Tonsin in Penang Malaysia near George Town area

electronic component barrier terminal in Penang Malaysia      Electronic components in Tonsin shop

Electronic Component Online Store in Malaysia




Electronic and PCB Manufacturer in Malaysia Johor

There are a number PCB manufacturers in Malaysia Johor, which is very near Singapore. The following PCB manufacturer can also be located using the google map above.

More PCB Manufacturer in Malaysia

The following are more other PCB manufacturers in Malaysia (away from Johor)

Electronic Engineering Services in Malaysia

Looking for Electronic Design and Engineering Services in Malaysia?

Click here for a list of electronic circuit design companies in Malaysia.


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