SMD Connector (1mm pitch)

1mm pitch connector is actually very miniature. The header is so small that they can only be surface mounted.

You can contact PIC-CONTROL for custom wire connector assembly service or crimping service.

Small Connectors

Crimping of the miniature 1mm plug (connector housing) is not possible with typical tools used for electronic work. A special ultra small size crimping tools or machine is required. Such crimping tool is very rare in Singapore. You can hardly get this tools in the local retail store.

1mm pitch wire crimp assembly (3 pos)     1mm pitch connector's receptacle, assembled with crimped wires

To learn how to crimp a 1mm pitch connector, click here.

JST Connector (1mm pitch)     JST Logo

Japan Solderless Terminal (JST) 1mm pitch connector.

Current Rating 1A, up to 50V (AC or DC)

There are many replacement alternative base on the same footprint from Molex as well as Wurth Electronik.

molex Logo     Wurth Elektronik Logo


1mm pitch connector header mount for a PCB board

  • 2 Pos
    • SM02B-SRSS-TB(LF)(SN)
    • Alternative- Wurth Elektronik, 665102131822
  • 3 Pos
    • SM03B-SRSS-TB(LF)(SN)
    • Alternative- Molex, 501568-0307
    • Alternative- Wurth Elektronik, 665103131822
  • 5 Pos

Plug (Connector Housing)

Receptacle plug for 1mm pitch connector

  • 2 Pos
    • SHR-02V-S-B
    • Alternative- Wurth Elektronik, 665002113322
  • 3 Pos
    • SHR-03V-S-B
    • Alternative- Molex, 501330-0300
    • Alternative- Wurth Elektronik, 665003113322
  • 5 Pos


Crimping Pin for 1mm pitch connector

Cvilux Connector (1mm pitch)     CviLux Logo


Cvilux connector is from Taiwan. It is quite unique for its very low profile.




  • 2 Pos
    • CI1102S0000
  • 3 Pos
    • CI1103S0000
    • CI403M1HRO-NH
  • 5 Pos
    • CI1105S0000


  • CI11T011PP0


Custom Wire Assembly Service

cable assembly drawing for 1mm pitch receptacle plug

1mm pitch mini connector wire assembly     1mm pitch mini connector wire assembly

Contact PIC-CONTROL for custom wire connector assembly service or JST connector crimping service.

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