Card Payment Terminal Rental in Singapore


  • Accept cashless card payment
  • Accept Ezlink, NetsFlashPay, Visa PayWave, Master PayPass, America Express AMEX
  • Allow you to key in the amount that you want to collect.
  • Receipt printout.


  • Rental from weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Transaction fee applies.
  • Purchase of receipt thermal paper.
  • Option for wireless data transaction.
  • Rental deposit required.

Operating Procedure

  1. Seller key in the amount value to collect.
  2. Customer flash their card to check if the payment amount is correct.
  3. Customer flash their card again to make their payment.
  4. A receipt will be printed for printing option, or payment value of $200 or more.

Note: For payment value of $200 or more, customer signature is required. A receipt has to be printed.


  • CEPAS (Ezlink and NetsFlashPay maximum card topup amount is $500)
  • For credit card payment, customer’s signature is required for collecting payment of $200 and above.