AT Command for NB-IoT communication

Hardware used is nRF9160 modem.

Set terminal software to the following setting.

  • Baudrate: 115200bps
  • Data bits: 8 bits
  • Stop bit: 1 bit
  • Parity: None
  • No hardware handshaking

Note that ↵ means sending of char 0x0D 0x0A (<CR><LF>)

//Test if modem is connected
? AT ↵
? OK ↵

//Get the modem firmware version
? 352656100032351 ↵

//Get IMEI number
? 352656100032351 ↵

//Sim Activation
? AT+CFUN=0 ↵     //turn  off cellular functionality
? OK ↵
? AT+CFUN=1 ↵     //turn  on cellular functionality
? OK ↵

//PDP Context Configuration (configure how the data packet be accepted by the telecom)

Maybe useful AT commands

AT+CGPADDR       //show IP address allocated by the network

AT Command for iBasis SIM card using nRF9160 (with help from iBasis technical team)

AT+CFUN=0                           //Power of the modem every time that you change the access mode LTE-M or NB-IoT

AT%XSYSTEMMODE=1,0,1,0              //Enable LTE-M1

AT%XSYSTEMMODE=0,1,0,0              //Enable NB-IOT

AT+CGDCONT=0,"IP","ibasis.iot"      //Configure APN (Optional)

AT%XBANDLOCK=1,"10001000000000000"  //Lock the specific band for your testing, put 1 at the position of specific band (17 and 13 on this example, this is Optional)

AT+CPSMS=0                          //Disable PSM

AT+CFUN=1                           //Enable modem

AT%XSIM?                            //Enable UICC

AT+CFUN?                            //Register

AT+COPS?                            //Search network available

AT Command useful reference with other modems

AT+CSTT               //specify APN
AT-CIPPING            //ping to server to check connectivity

Reference AT command for other modems

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