NB-IoT Smart Locks

NB-IoT locks are digital locks that can be authenticate and unlock itself wirelessly.

NB-IoT is a communication method similar to the data network that we are using for our mobile phone. So this means that the lock can be remotely control over the cellular data network.

NB-IoT has a lower cellular cost compare to LTE-M, LTE network.

List of NB-IoT digital locks (Dated: Mar 2020)

Difference bewteen Bluetooth & NB-IoT locks

Lock’s Communication TechnologyNB-IoTBluetooth
Wireless distance35kmWithin metres
Communication feeabout $1/month (10mb)Free, unlimited
Communication hackingDifficultEasier
Power consumptionHigherLower
Requires cellular network to workCan work Offline
Can opens lock remotely without a smart phoneRequires a Smart Phone with bluetooth

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