Sound Audio Detector

A “Sound Audio Detector” is a device or software application designed to detect, analyze, and sometimes interpret sounds within its vicinity. These detectors are utilized in various fields for a multitude of purposes, ranging from security and surveillance to scientific research and entertainment.

Audio detector detects audio sound from an audio input and switch on a relay output. The relay can be used as an output to trigger/switch on devices like light indicators, motors, lock and other electrical appliances.

Detector can detect signal from an audio line input, and convert it into an relay output to switch on another appliances/system in a very quiet environment or a very noisy zone.

This alternative notification provides an additional means of alarm alert for the users or operators.


  • Detects audio and trigger output in a quiet environment.
  • Alarm alert for hearing impaired individual
  • Convert audio alarm into other forms of alert notification in a very noisy environment.
  • Security and Surveillance: Sound detectors are commonly used in security systems to identify and alert operators to potential threats or unauthorized activities. They can recognize sounds such as breaking glass, footsteps, or alarms.
  • Environmental Monitoring: In scientific research and environmental monitoring, sound detectors are employed to track wildlife activity, measure noise pollution levels, and monitor natural phenomena like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.
  • Industrial Applications: Sound detectors play a crucial role in quality control processes within industries. They can detect abnormal sounds in machinery, indicating potential malfunctions or maintenance needs.
  • Smart Homes: Integrated into smart home systems, sound detectors can recognize voice commands for home automation or security purposes.
  • Entertainment: Sound detectors are utilized in interactive installations, gaming, and virtual reality applications to enhance user experiences by responding to specific sounds or creating immersive audio environments.


In essence, sound audio detectors serve as valuable tools across a diverse array of fields, offering real-time monitoring, analysis, and interpretation of sound data for various applications, from security and surveillance to scientific research and entertainment.

This is a general purpose audio detector.

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