5V Mini Relay

5V mini relay small miniture size

5V mini relay

5V mini relay (bottom pins)

Mini Relay Specification

Nominal Voltage 5V (Pick-up voltage about 3.75V, Drop-out voltage about 0.6V, Absolute-max 15Vdc)

Coil Resistance 500Ω ±10%, Coil Current Consumption 10mA. (Power consumption is 50mW)

Switch (Dry Contact) contact rating (0.5A)

Weight about 2g

12V mini relay dimension (mm)

12V mini relay pin-out diagram

12V mini relay pcb footprint (mm), 5.08mm pitch

Supply 5V across pin 2 & 3, will trigger the internal mini switch on pin 1 and pin 4 (pin 1 and 4 will form a short circuit contact). It does not matter the positive 5V or Gnd is applied to pin 2 or pin 3, as there is no polarity on the coil.

Type of 5V mini relay

5V mini relay small miniture size

  • SPST (Single Pole Single Throw), (NO, NC) contact picture
  • SPDT (Single Pole Dual Throw)
  • DPST (Dual Pole Single Throw)
  • DPDT (Dual Pole Dual Throw)

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