Freelance Electronic Engineer

Are you looking for a freelance electronic engineer to help you with your electronic engineering project, design or electronic hardware product troubleshooting? You can check out the following resources for a freelance electronic engineer in Singapore, and overseas.

If you are ready to outsource your electronic project, consider engaging a specialised electronic engineering company to managed your electronic design project. For more information about our electronic engineering services, check out our website or contact us directly.

Freelance Electronic Engineer (Jobs in Singapore)

Singapore has one of the largest electronic engineer graduates from the South East Asia region. There is a large pool of engineers graduated from our local university, polytechnic and ITE each and every year. Electronic graduates represent about 20% of the total graduates in Singapore. There is no shortage of engineering professional in Singapore.

For a business operating in Singapore, it will be easier to engage with a local freelance electronic engineer. Engineering can be complex at times and communication is very important in getting across what you are looking for.

A local freelance engineer shares a common language and culture. It is easier to communicate and easier for them to understand the nature of your projects. There will be times where a meetup and discussion is necessary. A local freelance electronic engineer can provide much more flexibility and security.

The following are some of the links where you can engage electronic engineer freelancer in Singapore,

Typical hiring rate for electronic professional is about $500/day (year 2011) in Singapore. Compare to hiring permanent engineering staff, there is a much lesser the responsibility and burden for your business operating cost.

Freelance Electronic Engineer (Overseas)

Engaging an overseas freelancer engineer takes more effect. It is important to select one who is able to communicate very well with you. Very often you will want them to be responsive.

There is a lesser chance of meeting up face to face with your freelancer. It is always better to engage with an online platform to help you manage the project transaction like the deliveries and payment issue. An online platform also provides scoring and review system which can help you determine the service that you are getting from the freelancers base on their completed project in the past.

The following are some of the links where you can engage electronic engineer freelancer from overseas,

Hire your electronic engineer from

The risk is often higher engaging engineers from overseas unless the project is very simple. However, there is a greater potential to discover more good engineers from a wider pool of resources overseas.

Alternative to Freelance Electronic Engineering Solution

PIC-CONTROL is an electronic engineering service company providing design and product manufacturing services to our client. We work closely with you to helped realised the solution for your business needs.

Advantages of outsourcing to a specialised electronic engineering company,

  • Comprehensive resources and an established network to solve your problem.
  • Rich experience, highly specialisation and interest in the electronic industry.
  • Guarantee delivery.
  • Maintaining documentation for your projects.
  • Warranty and technical support.
  • Always available for you.

PIC-CONTROL has the expertise, resources and network in the area of electronic engineering to bring your business forward. We are your engineers taking care of your engineering projects.

Check out our website for further information, or contact our sales engineer today.