PCB Fabrication Enquiry

In order for us to respond back to you with a quote faster, it will be good if you can get yourself prepare with the following information that we will be asking you next.

This page provides an example of how you can help us understand your PCB fabrication project better.

Information that we may be asking from you next,

For PCB Fabrication:

  • PCB Gerber files (design files)
  • PCB size
  • PCB fabrication quantity

For PCB Assembly

  • Bill of materials
  • PCB assembly quantity

Please note that we only do 2 layers PCB board fabrication. If you have other special PCB requirements, please let us know. We can refer you to the correct solution provider.

If you are looking for PCB design service, please refer to this electronic project enquiry guide.


Thank you for your attention, allowing us to serve you better.