CEPAS CAN Card Number Reader with handheld mobile devices

PIC-CONTROL provides CEPAS card solution to our customer in Singapore. We can customise and design integrated CEPAS card (Ezlink and NetsFlashPay) solution through handheld mobile devices to streamline efficiency for your business.

Why CEPAS card solution?

More and more businesses are turning to using CEPAS card issued by Ezlink and NetsFlashPay as a means to identify unique individual for door access, guest registration, etc… application.

Why use CEPAS card?

  • Unique card ID number, and secure card.
  • Most people will have this transportation card in their wallet.
    (commonly used for bus, MRT and ERP in Singapore)
  • Less expensive than cooperate RFID card.
    (Custom RFID card charged by vendor can be as high as $50 per individual user)
  • Less management and administrative work in issuing and tracking user card pass.
  • It is a cheaper and more efficient alternative.

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