Credit Card Machine Rental

We provide credit card machine rental for your business to collect small value purchase from your customer.

These machines accept payment only from contactless card (wireless card). You can key in the amount that you want to collect from you customer, they will simply tap their card on the machine terminal for their payment.

  • Purchase limit per transaction up to $100
  • For contactless credit card only (Visa PayWave, MasterCard PayPass, AMEX)
  • Accept Ezlink & NetsFlashPay.
  • Accept Apple Pay & Google Pay.
  • Transaction charges of 4-5% applies.
  • Short term rental per day, per week or per month basis.
  • Power by 230Vac from main socket.
  • Mobile and can be easily carried around.

Simple Application Process

We understand that you will only need the terminal for only a short period of time. We have simply the process so that you can rent and use it immediately without going through a long complex administration process.

What we need from you is the following,

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your mobile phone number
  • The period that you want to rent the contactless credit card machine

We will then follow up with you to confirm on the total rental amount, plus a deposit amount of $800 (will be refund to you when the terminal is returned in its original condition).

Once this is accepted, we will advise you further for the advance payment.

Other custom credit card machine rental enquiry

Contact our sales engineer for more details.

Mobile Connectivity 3G Router Modem

Remote internet connectivity for your electronic device communication. 3G antenna SIM card connection to an Ethernet port.

Industrial 3G Router
Industrial 3G Router


  • Power Input 7.5~32Vdc
  • 1x 3G Antenna Port
  • 1x Ethernet Port
Size & Dimension

Mounting hole distance is 85mm using 2x M3 screw.

Indicators (WLAN, WAN, LAN, NET, SIM slot, and 3G/4G SMA antenna)
LAN, WAN/CON, Reset button, DC Barrel Socket Power Input.
Industrial 3G Router’s label at the bottom of the casing.

Remote communication for your electronic devices.

Contact our sales engineer for more information.