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Proper dispose of battery & electronic waste in Singapore | Save Our Environment

The electronic product contains toxic which pollute our environment and can cause a health issue. It is important to dispose of the electronic waste properly to protect our environment in Singapore. Battery especially, contain leads content.

Unwanted electronic waste example,

Places in Singapore which you can dispose of your electronic waste.

There are many recycle bins scatter all across the island of Singapore.

Check out this map for the location to recycle your E-waste nearest to your location.

Typical places where you may find the bins,

  • In most Schools, Polytechnic, University in Singapore.
  • Certain outlets at Singapore Post Office, SingTel, Starhub.
  • Certain shopping malls.
  • DHL centres

Map from Starhub for recycling of electronic waste.

Disposal bin for electronic waste

More Recycle SingTel, SingPost E-Waste Programme. Bins can be found at the various location across Singapore island,

  • Singpore Post Office Branches
  • SingTel Shop
  • SingTel Exclusive Retailer

Electronic Recycle Bin at Singapore Post Office and at SingTel

Click here to find out the nearest recycle bin available near your specific location.

Free Mailing of your Electronic Waste

You can also collect free envelopes from SingPost and Singtel to mail your electronic waste for free. Everyone doing their part to protect our environment.

envelopes for disposing electronic waste for recycling

Professional Service for Toxic Waste Disposal

For bulk disposal of toxic waste, you can engage local professional companies to help you with the disposal.

Check out this list of authorised industrial toxic waste collectors in Singapore (This list is provided by NEA).

Example of Toxic Waste Items

  • SLA Batteries (Sealed Lead Acid Batteries)
  • Chemical Waste (Solvent)
  • PVC materials

Be sure to dispose of the toxic waste with care. Protect our environment, protect our home.