USB Controlled 230Vac Power Socket

You can control the power to your AC appliance using this custom made USB Power Socket device.

You can control, switch on individual power socket, using a USB cable which is connected to a computer.

AC appliances like a fan, radio, oven, speakers, etc… can be plugged in and be controlled. The switching on/off is controlled by solid state switches. There are no mechanical parts, therefore much less wear and tear. This translate to longer lifespan and reliable operation.

LED indicators are available on the enclosure to indicate which switch output is currently being switched on.

USB controlled power socket USB Controlled Power Socket


Product: USB Controlled 230Vac Power Socket


Control Vac Power Socket using USB port. This product allows a computer to control the power to from a 230/110Vac power socket to appliances. The control command will be communicated via a virtual serial communication port. For Setup and Command, you can refer to the documentation for PIC-113 USB+RS232 I/O Controller.

For control via network Ethernet socket, please contact us for your customisation requirements.

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