Rain Detector Sensor RG-9

Introducing the (new model) RG-9 Rain Detector. Specially design to detect raining activity.

Simple to use, easy maintenance.

Highly responsive sensor detects raining activity fast.

Rain Sensor Configuration

DIP Switches on the rain detector sensor board provides you with options to set the sensor’s sensitivity (DIP switch 1, 2) and the kind of output response (DIP switch 3, 4) that you want.

RG-9 DIP switches 1 2 3 4
OFFOFFSensitivity 1 (sensor gets triggered
with rain drop)
OFFONSensitivity 2 (sensor gets triggered
with very light rain)
ONOFFSensitivity 3 (sensor gets triggered
with medium rain)
ONONSensitivity 4 (Rain sensor gets triggered
with heavy drop)
OFFOFFOUT is switched off immediately
when there is no raining activity.
ONOFFOUT is switched off when there is
no raining activity for the last 5 minutes.
OFFONOUT is switched off when there is
no raining activity for the last 10 minutes.
ONONOUT is switched off when there is
no raining activity for the last 15 minutes.

Pin Out (Wiring Connection)

J1 Connector is enough to interface the RG-9 for rain detection operation.

J1 Connector
Pin 1:OUT (Open collector output pulled
to ground when rain is detected)
Pin 2:V+ 5 to 16Vdc (Power Input)
Pin 3:GND (Ground)
J1 Connector Pin Out

J2 Connector (J2 header) can be used if you need to have more control or access to the rain activity information from the serial interface.

J2 Connector is a 2.54mm pitch 10 pins header.

J2 Connector
Pin 1:GND (Same as J1 GND)
Pin 2:V+ (Same as J1 V+)
Pin 3:OUT (Same as J1 OUT)
Pin 4:Serial OUT
Pin 5:Serial IN
Pin 6:
Pin 7:MCLR
Pin 8:V+ 3.3V
J2 Connector Pin Out


This RG-9 rain detector feature a low power npn switching output.

Accept wide input voltage supply5-16Vdc
Current consumption110uA (no raining), 2-4mA (during raining)
OutputNPN Open Collector Output
(for relay output, click here to
check out RG-11 Rain Sensor
Operating temperature range-40°C to +60°C
Advance featureSerial Communication (UART TTL 3.3V)

Size Dimension

The RG-9 Rain Detector is small in size at about 70 x 120 x 55mm

RG-9 Rain Detector size & dimension

User Operating Manual

For further detail, click here for RG-9 Rain Detector User Manual (0.3MB pdf filesize)

Where to buy RG-9 Rain Detector Sensor

RG-9 Rain Detector Sensor is available for purchase in Singapore.
Please email us for your order.