Setup MDB to Pulse converter for your vending machines.

For vending machines which use coins or notes acceptor and would like to convert your machine to accept credit card or QR payment method, you can interface your MDB cashless payment terminal with our MDB to Pulse out converter.

There are 3 buttons inputs. For each button input, you can connect them to a push button. You can configure each push button for the

  • Payment Amount (Price of the product/service)
  • Number of Pulses to output when payment is successful
  • Pulse Width of the output.

Payment Amount

This is the amount that you want to collect from your customer when they press that particular button. The amount can be set from $0.01 to $99.99.

Number of Pulses

There is only one pulse output shared by the 3 buttons. This pulse out is connected to the vending machine board where the coins/notes acceptor was connected.

For each button, you can program the number of pulses to output upon a successful payment transaction.

Depending on your machine, each pulse may mean a certain payment amount collected.

Pulse Width

Beside able to set the number of pulse output, you can also set the timing of each pulse. Usually a pulse width of 100ms will work. Default is set to 500ms. For certain machine, you may have to adjust this manually.

For some machine with pulse security built-in, we may have to help you custom write a code for your machine. This is rare, but for some reason, there is no settings that can work with your machine, please contact us for further engineering support.

Price and Pulse Output Setup

The following instruction allows you to go into the MDB Pulse device settings page to configure the price and pulse output for each of the buttons.

  1. Connect up the device with a USB-C cable to a computer/laptop or mobile phone.
  2. Load up the recommended serial communication terminal software.
  3. Connect to the virtual serial comm port.
  4. Power up the device.
  5. Enter into the Button Configuration mode by pressing and holding the Test button upon powering up. Release within 3 sec.
  6. Follow the on screen menu and instruction to setup the buttons.