Electronic Project Enquiry

We often receive electronic project enquiries from across a wide and diverse range of industries all over the world. A typical challenge that we often face is trying to communicate and understand exactly what our client’s current situation or problem is.

This page provides a guide for you so that you can help us understand your project better.

What you will need to prepare to help us understand better,

  • Application description of your project
  • Photos
  • Documentation (if available)

For Your Attention:

Less technical description can help us understand your requirement faster.

Everyone has a different perspective of electronic engineering know-how.
It is our job to figure out the suitable technical design for you.

Without sufficient information, there is a very high chance that we will not be able to work with you.

Description of Your Project

You may have a product that you need to create. You may have a problem that you are facing. We need to know the background to have an idea of the industry and the application that the electronic is being used for.

For example,

  • What is electronic project used for?
  • How is it being used?
  • How should it work to your requirements?

Regardless of the enquiry, we will always need to understand how the electronics will be used by a user. You do not need to understand how the electronic works, but you will need to furnish us with the application information.

Knowing the application, understanding how the electronic is being used is extremely important. It can help us understand why the electronic circuit board is design the way it is, why certain components are selected, and the layout of the board.

Base on our past experience, working with the electronic without a proper understanding of the application, the chances of failure after the delivery is high. There can be unforeseen issues which could be avoided if we understand the application in the first place.

As such, project enquiry without any application details will likely to be rejected.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Photos tell can provide us with many information that can be difficult to describe using words.

You may see it as an electronic board, but we are trained to see more. It provides us with many cues about your situation and the challenge of your project. This will allow us to estimate the work and cost involved in your project.

Photos that can be useful to us,

  • Photo of the PCB top (from various perspective if possible)
  • Photo of the PCB bottom
  • Photo the system (where the PCB is installed within a system or product)

IC chips are often the significant portion of a circuit. A clear photo shot or a description of the IC chip’s part number will help, though not necessary.


Documentation will help us understand the electronic fast. It reduces our engineering time, the project cost can be lower.

We understand that you may not have any documentation. If you have, please be prepared to send them to us. This documentation can help us better understand the context of your project.

The following are some of the documentation,

  • User Manual
  • Technical Manual
  • Product Specification
  • Circuit Board Schematic Drawing



Thank you for your attention, allowing us to serve you better.