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Short Circuit Finder [PIC-121]

Found a short circuit while troubleshooting your printed circuit board and is having a very hard time to locate the short circuit?

The short circuit may be due to the poorly etched PCB board, or it can be a solder bridge formed during the components assembly on the circuit board. Solder bridge may be across component pads or the vias.

Short circuit on a dense PCB board can be very challenging to detect. This is especially true if your short circuit is found on the power supply trace which is usually routed across the circuit board. Short circuit location could be everywhere.

Short Circuit Finder     Short Circuit Finder

Introduction to Short Circuit Finder [PIC-121]

PIC-121 Short Circuit Finder is useful in narrowing the region and eventually allows you to locate the precise location of your short circuit.

When a short circuit is detected using your digital multimeter or ohm-meter, you can use a short circuit finder to locate the short circuit position.

As you probe nearer and nearer to the short circuit location, this finder will beep faster and faster.

PIC-121 Operating Instruction

  1. Switch on the PIC-121 Short Circuit Finder device. You should hear some beeping pulse.
  2. Remove the cover of the probe. Short the RED probe to BLACK probe.
  3. While the probe is shorted, press and release the <CAL> button.
  4. You should hear a very fast beeping sound as your probe is shorted to each other. When the probe is not touching one another, the beeping sound will be slow.
  5. Probe the short-circuited trace on your PCB circuit board using this device to detect short circuit location.
  6. The fast beep will pinpoint the location of your short circuit.

PIC-121 Short Circuit Finder Features

  • Audible pulse for open circuit and the distance of the short circuit.
  • Audible pulse frequency increase as the short circuit location gets nearer and nearer.
  • A simple CAL button, for the calibration of the short circuit finder.
  • On/Off power switch
  • Soldered probe wire for better connectivity.
  • Portable device (using rechargable battery)
  • Power charging via USB mini socket
  • Battery charge status indicators.

Short Circuit Finder

Short Circuit Finder     probe for short circuit finder

Short Circuit Finder