Pelican Case Alternate (hard protective case box)

Pelican case is commonly used for storage and protection of sensitive and expensive equipment.

People buy these box case for

  • Storing camera devices.
  • Transportation of fragile artifacts.
  • Frequency outdoor use equipment.

Affordable Box Case Options

We provide similar alternative box case to protect your important equipment in Singapore. A substitute with comparable quality and performance to the Pelican Case brand at a much affordable cheaper price range.

  • Tough rugged polypropylene material.
  • Box case with latch lock.
  • An option for your own key lock.
  • Customise your own protective foam (sponge) shape for your sensitive items.
  • Thick rugged wall which can withstand tough knocks and handling.
  • Pressure release valve
  • Waterproof

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Available to customer in Singapore only.

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Other cheap Pelican case alternative brands

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