Soft Protective Case (with Zipper)

Soft case is a light weight protective zipped case. It comes with Pick & Pluck foam inside, which allows you to custom fit your dedicated electronic devices.

Softcase storage for your dedicated devices.
Softcase with pluck foam
DIY plucked foam

All models comes with the pluck-able foam inside.

Soft case product list

ModelInterior Space (mm)Size (mm)PriceComment
SC-01160 x 120 x 55mm170 x 130 x 60mmS$18+GST
SC-02210 x 150 x 55mm220 x 160 x 60mmS$25+GST
SC-03310 x 210 x 55mm320 x 220 x 60mmS$35+GST
SC-11147 x 105 x 55mm157 x 115 x 65mmS$26+GST
SC-12195 x 155 x 55mm205 x 165 x 65mmS$30+GST
SC-13296 x 193 x 55mm306 x 203 x 65mmS$39+GST
SC-14200 x 155 x 85mm210 x 165 x 95mmS$45+GST
SC-15250 x 180 x 90mm260 x 190 x 100mmS$68+GSTwith carry handle.
SC-16300 x 215 x (85+25)mm320 x 230 x 120mmS$89+GSTwith divider board inside and carry handle.
SC-17315 x 285 x (85+25)mm330 x 300 x 120mmS$138+GSTwith divider board inside and carry handle.
SC-18390 x 310 x (95+35)mm420 x 340 x 150mmS$150+GSTwith divider board inside and carry handle.
SC-19330 x 250 x 65mm345 x 265 x 75mmS$138+GSTwith carry handle.
SC-20385 x 285 x 65mm405 x 295 x 75mmS$158+GSTwith carry handle.

Rugged Case Box Series

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