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  • Design enclosure for electronics circuit board.
  • Low volume production.
  • Factory Automation Control, Productivity Design and Construction.
  • Interior and Construction Site drawing.
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • System Integration Solution.

We deliver unique electronics solutions to our customers.

We are here to understand your needs, design and customise the electronics accordingly for your application use. We have the engineering resource to assist your business on your electronics work. For any level of electronics problems that you are facing now, we have the specialist that can solve your problem.

Our sales team is skillful and experience in electronics engineering. You can be sure that your problem can be resolved in the simplest manner from our front line sales engineers.

Besides electronics, we also add value to our core business with mechanical and various software solutions. Your product design and development can greatly be simplified with integrated electronics, software and mechanical solution.

The responsibility of
product manufacturing can be executed by our in-house production. We can support your production needs in small volume quantity, as well as realising your idea with prototypes for your proof-of-concept evaluation.

Are you facing have any electronics problems? Or cannot find any
off-the-shelf electronics solution from your business industry? We will refer you to a cost effective solution if it is available in the market place. If not, we can customise a solution, specially just for you. Call our sales engineer now.

Wireless Sensor Enclosure

Electronics Sensing equipment and accessories

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