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Product development is our business. We have developed many unique electronics products, making uses the latest technologies available in the industries, helping our customer gained a competitive advantage in their field of business.

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Alarm Buzzer

alarm buzzer

An custom built alarm buzzer, alert personnel for any event.

The buzzer will alert, until it is manually mute. The buzzer will reactivate after a period of time if the incident has not been rectified.
Inside the miniture buzzer.

USB Controlled Vac Power Socket

USB controlled Vac power socket

You can control the power to your AC appliance using this custom made USB Power Socket device.

You can control, switching on individual power socket, using a USB cable which is connected to a computer.

AC appliances like fan, radio, oven, speakers, etc... can be plugged in and be controlled.
USB controlled Vac power socket The switching on/off is controlled by solid state switches. There are no mechanical parts, therefore much less wear and tear. This translate to longer lifespan and realiable operation.

LED indicators are available on the enclosure to indicate which switch output is currently being switched on.

RFID Tag Controlled, Dry Contact Output

RFID activated relay contact

This is a customised RFID actuator. It is able to detect (RFID) staff tag, transportation card, etc...

The detection will trigger an output which can be used to activate doors, windows, power socket, etc...
RFID activated relay contact The internal circuitry of this RFID actuator, connected to a wireless controller.

Electrical Junction Box, Design and Fabrication

Junction Box

Customised electrical junction box for your electronics and control system.

Junction box will have short circuit and
circuit leakage protection, (using properly rated MCB and RCD). This also ensure protection against electrical shock, if anyone is in contact with the high voltage hazard.


Portable 12V Power Bank (12V UPS)

Junction Box

USB to 12V converter, is able to provide a power output up to about 12V 0.70A

Converter is small and portable. Can be used to power up a typical 12V device.
Portable 12V Power Bank
Portable 12V Power Bank
Power Bank for USB (5V) is easily available in the market, which are usually used for mobile phone charging.

When the power bank is used with this USB to 12V converter, you will get yourself a portable 12V power supply. The power bank can also be used as a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) unit. USB 5V power input can be supplied, and you can have an uninterrupted 12V power supply.

You can now power up and test your electronics on the deployment site.

mobile self powered 7inch display screen Self powered, mobile display screen with HDMI (DVI), VGA and RCA composite video input. 12V source to the display is powered by a USB power bank attached with a USB to 12V converter. Portable display screen uses mobile battery, which is useful to bring along on-site where AC wall power socket is not easily available.

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