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In the business of system integration, we understand your needs to have someone who is capable to connect across multi-disciplines. Software which is able to communicate to another software seamlessly. Application able to control any forms of electronics and  mechanical hardware without you having to face the fustration of incompatiability, preventing you from achieving the ultimate result that you have been yearning for.

You are propably building a brilliant system, assembling your jigsaw puzzle to get things into place. In that moment you realise that many systems out there are proprietary in nature. Software A cannot talk to software B, because their protocol is different or it is written with a different programming language. System C cannot communicate with the latest electronics gadget in town. Controller D has input/output which requires a different voltage in order to operate or link up. The world is full of goodies but in a world of their own. You maybe working with vendors each specializing in their own trade, unwilling or having lack of knowledge to help you unify your ultimate system that you have envision. Now what a headache it is.

In PIC-CONTROL, we work at a very low level which allow us to see the root of any problems. Just like a Lego system, we knows our fundermentals very well, building the system up brick by brick. We are determine to examine your system to its finest details, providing you with value and creative solution possibilities. Any problems encountered within the system, we are able to nail them down in a systematic manner.

We free you from being locked in to an older propietary system. No matter how propietary a system can be, it can be integrated and be turned into an unified system. Even if there is no documentation about your existing system or architecture, we have ways to reverse engineer it, ways to hack and learn about the details. We know our stuffs inside out. It is only a matter of time, cost and quality. We focus on your priority to deliver a solution which works best for you.

We are your engineer specilaist, commited to deliver solutions, to make the impact that you want on your system.

Our expertise sales engineer is technically skilled and experienced in electronics and engineering. Contact us today, we are always ready to solve your problems.

Automated Ship Model Control


Automated ship moving display control through a backend computerised system.
ship-model-control2.jpg Ship automation electronics hardware.

Digital Weighting Scale Exhibits


Digital Weight Scale interactive exhibit.

Customised LED backlight changes in intensity, with dimming transition effect.

Colored metering panel changes color in a smooth magical transition indicating the weight on the digital scale.

Warning lighting display with beep alarm to indicate weight overloading.

digital-weight-scale2.JPG Inside the control box.
- Custom made Electronics controller.
- Digital weight sensor.
- LED white backlight
- Coloured LED metering panel.
- Power supplies to the system.

digital-weight-scale3.JPG System Installation.

digital-weight-scale4.JPG Using LED strips for the white backlights dimming and intensity control, and Coloured RGB LED strips for the front metering panel display.

Interactive Learning Display with Flat Switch


Interactive Digital Display with flat conceal user control touch switch.

Customised user control for interactive screen display, and LED lighting control for product displayed behind the glass cabinet.

flat-switch-exhibit2.JPG Ultra flat user control switch for interactive control with the digital display.

User touch switch, flush and conceal with the vinyl graphics wall.

flat-switch-exhibit3.JPG Hardware installation of the display screen, lighting cabinets and control electronics.

flat-switch1.jpg Ultra flat switch less than 1mm thin. Thin enough to allows it to be conceal behind wall graphics.

Your exhibit concept graphics can be blended nicely with this flat control switch for your user interaction.

This flat switch has a longer lifespan compare to a mechanical switch. Unless a typical mechanical push switch, it does not have movable mechanical parts which can wear and tear over its operating lifespan

Dome Automation Control for Astronomy

astronomy-dome-control1.JPG   astronomy-dome-control2.JPG


Astronomy Automated Dome Control.

Integrated dome control system with the astronomy software "TheSkyX Pro" from SOFTWARE BISQUE

and "Boltwood Cloud Sensor" from Diffraction Limited

Software Re-mapping of Dome slit opening position to cater for any form of automated telescope system which the scope vision is offset from the center of the small dome.

astronomy-dome-control4.JPG Testing and commissing the dome control system.

astronomy-dome-control5.JPG Junction box for Automated Dome Controller. Controller uses solid state controller (no mechanical wear and tear, no mechanical noise), long operating lifespan.

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