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Bob Lim

Bob Lim has been working as an electronics design engineer for over a decade in a local research institute working on smart home and also as a R&D engineer developing system in the security industries. He has strong experience in designing as well as developing microcontroller based electronics, enabling smart automation and connectivity between various  types of system. Having great passion in the area of RFID and “Internet of Things” development.


Strong interest in microcontroller interface & application. Familiar in connecting various electronic system together; from IC packages, electronic products, to communication interfaces.

Educational background in Engineering and Trade, having the positive attitude towards quality and accountability environment; seeking for improvement and efficient work. Enjoy knowledge discovery and have strong interest in exploring technical solution leading to problem solving.

Educational Background 

  • Specialise in Digital Signal Processing & RF Engineering. Degree of Bachelor of Engineering with 2nd Class Honours <lower division> in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. August 2003 in Nanyang Technological University. 
  • Specialise in Telecommunication Engineering. Diploma in Electronics, Computer & Communication Engineering with Merit. July 1998 in Singapore Polytechnic.
  • International Trade. Diploma in Import/Export, Shipping & International Trade. November 2005 in Elim World Trade Research & Training Resources. Certified by SMa Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation

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