How to repair electronic?

My Best Collection  of Electronics Repair ArticlesLooking for training resources teaching you how to do electronic troubleshooting and circuit board repair?

No electronic repair school is better than learning from an experience professional hands-on instructor.





Electronic Troubleshooting Training

How to find burnt resistor value, without a schematic diagram?Electronic troubleshooting is more of an art rather than a skill. It takes years of electronic design and practise to be able to gain an insight which can help you troubleshoot electronic problems with ease.

This is why training with an experienced mentor can help you shorten your learning curve.


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Testing Electronic Components, Electronic Repair

Electronic Repair Courses

Justine Yong is a professional electronics repairer. He is also an instructor training students on electronic troubleshooting and circuit board repair skills.

If you are interested to attend his training, just click on the resource links below for further.

Electronic repair for any type of equipmentsInterview with professional electronic repairers

For beginners who has little knowledge of electronics, you can join this other basic electronics hands-on mini-courses. The training will provide you with the basic understanding of hands-on practical electronics.

Electronic Repair Guide Books and Training Resources

You can get to download FREE resources and purchase useful reference books for your electronic repair.Electronic testing, troubleshooting and repair training guide

  • Testing Electronic Components. The Easy And Simple Way To Perform Electronics Repair. – by Jestine Yong
  • Electronic Repair. You can repair any types of electronic equipment.
  • How to Scan for Bad Components Before You Start To Repair.
  • How To Speed Up On Testing Electronic Components.
  • Exposed – Electronic Components That Breakdown When Under Full Load.
  • How To Easily Repair Intermittent Problems In Electronic Circuits.
  • Electronic Components – Discover Why Surrounding Electronic Components At Integrated Circuit (IC) Are Important In Electronic Troubleshooting.
  • The Importance of Voltage Testing That Every Electronic Repairers Should Know.
  • The Art Of Success in Electronic Servicing.
  • 10 True Case Histories Of Electronics Equipment Repair.


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