Battery Recovery and Repair

Battery repair and recovery step by step instruction

Are you having a dead rechargeable battery problem?

Instead of buying a new over-price rechargeable battery, it may be possible to revive and reuse your rechargeable battery.


Check out this DIY solution to repair and recover your battery.

Save the earth and save your money.

Why rechargeable battery dead?

A rechargeable battery has a lifespan. There is a limited number of charge cycle that you can charge. After a period of time, you may notice that your battery loses it recharging capacity. Your battery operating time gets shorter and shorter.

There are reasons to why your battery can’t seem to charge anymore. Each type of battery requires its unique way of maintenance. SLA battery, for example, will start to degrade if it is left on the shelve for too long without charge. The chemical reaction reduces the battery capacity to hold more charge.  So it is necessary to keep SLA battery in a charge state.

Depending on how your battery is dead, it is possible to revive it back for reuse.

Type of battery that can be reconditioned

This is meant for the rechargeable battery. Do not expect to revive a dead alkaline battery. This type of battery is not rechargeable. Once it is used up, you can only buy a new one.

The following are some of the battery that may be recovered.

  • Automotive battery (Car battery 12V, Truck battery 24V)
  • Lead–acid battery (SLA battery)
  • Nickel-cadmium battery (NiCd)

Not every of the battery can be repaired. If your battery is badly worn out, it may be not possible to revive it.


Battery repair and recovery step by step instruction


Safety Note!!! A battery may explode if it is not handled properly. Please take note to take precaution when reconditioning your battery. Do it in a safe manner. It is advised not to perform battery repair and reconditioning if you are not a technically trained personnel. Proper equipment and tools are required. Always seek advise from trained technician when you are in doubt.

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