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Zigbee On Raspberry Pi [PIC-020]

PIC-020 is an add-on board to allow Digi XBee (ZigBee module) to plug onto a Raspberry Pi module. Power supply to the XBee will be power by Raspberry Pi, and communication will be via Com port 1 (TXD, RXD). The board contains 3x LED to indicate the XBee communication status.

XBee add-on board for Raspberry Pi


  • Raspberry Pi extension board.
  • Socket for Digi XBee module.
  • 3x LED indicators for XBee operation.
  • XBee is powered by Raspberry Pi.
  • Space saving add-on board with XBee mounted on the reverse side.
 XBee add-on board for Raspberry Pi

Enclosure for XBee on Raspberry PiWith some modification, PIC-020 can be enclosed with a standard Raspberry Pi enclosure/casing.

PIC-020 can also be soldered with more components and be used as a general purpose I/O board. Up to 2x relay or optocoupler can be soldered onboard for dry contact operation. It will allow Raspberry Pi to interface with external electrical or electronics devices.

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