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Sounder and Beacon Alarm Alert

Klaxon Sounder Beacon Products.

  • Dustproof and waterproof (IP65 for deep base version).
  • 32 Sound Tones to choose from.
  • Volume control.
  • Red/Amber Beacon light.
  • Quick and simple to install.

Suitable for Fire alarm alert, hazardous area, security public warning, railway and marine.


Sound alarm as an alert to passerby people. Sound range about 10-50m on an open space outdoor environment.

Sounder IP65

Sounder product brochure (sounder-sonos.pdf)

Sounder Beacon

Visual alert with sound alarm and a strobe light to warn people about the danger ahead or hazard work in progress.

Sounder Beacon (IP65)

Sounder Beacon product brochure (sounder-beacon-sonos.pdf)

Alarm Tone to choose from

Click on the following sound file to listen to the range of alarm tone that you can select from your sounder beacon.

  1. alarm-tone01.mp3
  2. alarm-tone02.mp3
  3. alarm-tone03.mp3
  4. alarm-tone04.mp3
  5. alarm-tone05.mp3
  6. alarm-tone06.mp3
  7. alarm-tone07.mp3
  8. alarm-tone08.mp3
  9. alarm-tone09.mp3
  10. alarm-tone10.mp3
  11. alarm-tone11.mp3
  12. alarm-tone12.mp3
  13. alarm-tone13.mp3
  14. alarm-tone14.mp3
  15. alarm-tone15.mp3
  16. alarm-tone16.mp3
  17. alarm-tone17.mp3
  18. alarm-tone18.mp3
  19. alarm-tone19.mp3
  20. alarm-tone20.mp3
  21. alarm-tone21.mp3
  22. alarm-tone22.mp3
  23. alarm-tone23.mp3
  24. alarm-tone24.mp3
  25. alarm-tone25.mp3
  26. alarm-tone26.mp3
  27. alarm-tone27.mp3
  28. alarm-tone28.mp3
  29. alarm-tone29.mp3
  30. alarm-tone30.mp3
  31. alarm-tone31.mp3
  32. alarm-tone32.mp3