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There are many reasons why you would want to reverse engineer an existing electronic system. PIC-CONTROL is able to recommend many alternative electronic solutions, that are unique to your difficult situation. Tell us more about the problems that you are facing with…

PIC-CONTROL is here to assist you, to provide you with a solution for your reverse engineering problem.

Also, check out this technical page for the typical process of copying PCB and the reverse engineering of an electronic circuit board.

Why Do You Need Reverse Engineering?

Hacking Electronic Circuit


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  • Do you have a competitor’s electronic circuit that you want to discover its product’s strength and limitation?
  • Are you looking to improve your current product over your competitors, creating a better design?
  • Are you looking for a solution now that can provide your businesses with a unique advantage over your fast moving competitors?
  • Do you need to reproduce the electronics of a product that no longer exist?
  • Is the original documentation of your current electronic circuit and firmware source code is lost or incomplete? You need a firmware recovery.
  • Are you looking for a solution to replace an obsolete component on an old circuit board?
  • Is your current circuit giving you problems with its reliability? Do you need to integrate your product into an unknown/complex system?
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Reverse engineering involves a lot of experience and creativity. Time-consuming and can be costly sometimes. If you are interested in understanding the process of copying an electronic circuit PCB board, you can also visit the copy PCB page, to understand the process details involved in reverse engineering.

Reverse Engineering Services

Here in PIC-CONTROL, we have experience reverse engineer to help you to unlock the blueprint. The blueprint of the electronic circuit schematic for your production. We analyse your circuit for quality & durability and recommend solutions which add unique values for your product application.

reverse engineering circuit board components

Cloning copies of the electronic circuit board should usually be your last resort. Reverse engineering work is often an expensive operation, and can often cost much more than the development cost. There is definitely a business or technical reason for wanting to replicate your circuit board. We are able to provide you with alternative electronic solution and recommendation to your existing problem. You can send us the details of your current situation or problem. Allow our sales engineer assess your situation and we can get back to you with alternative or recommendation.

Our sales team is skilful and experience in electronics engineering. You can be sure that your problem can be resolved in the simplest manner from our front line sales engineers.

Are you facing have any electronics problems? We can customise the electronic solution, especially just for you. Call our sales engineer now.

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