Product: USB+RS232 I/O Controller
Code: PIC-113
Doc: PIC-113.pdf
  PIC-113 USB Driver (Win8, Win7, Vista, WinXP sp3)
Note: For Win8 user, you may need to disable the digital signature enforcement by Win8, in order to install this driver successfully.

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This is a I/O controller which allows you to control on/off, or control/drive external hardware devices. It has inputs which allow interface to sensors or a simple contact switch. Command can be sent via the USB (virtual com port) or RS232 port by opening a communication port through your software. Communication stream can be opened using the standard library from the typical C#, C++, Visual Basic, Java, etc... programming language.



  • Control I/O (input/output) using USB or RS232 communication port.

  • 2x Input and 2x Output port (can be customized for up to 4x input or output). Input are opto-coupled for protection. Output using miniture relay as dry contact.

  • LED indicators.

  • Low power 5V operation.
  • Enclosure (available separately)
  • Pluggable screw terminal interface to ease installation and maintenance work.
  • Use Java, Visual Basic/C++/C#. Source code examples are available for download.


I/O interface wiring guide

  Please click to enlarge the picture.

Input port interface to push switched, reed switch, sensor switch, NPN & PNP sensors.

The part number PIC-113-P comes with PNP input version, while PIC-113-N is a NPN version.


Output port interface to low current devices. LED indicators, small motor, barrier and door control system.

The output port is a switch (dry contact) which can be used to switch the power directly to the load (LED, small DC motor). The output is able to drive output up to 300Vdc 0.5A. Any voltage or current greater than that may damage the output port.

The output being a contact switch (dry contact) can also be connected directly to the input of another control system. Most control system have input that is able to accept switch or dry contact.


Output port interface to high current devices. Magnetic door lock, Door strike, DC motor, solonoid valve, solonoid.

It is also possible to drive high current devices, by using a small relay or a transistor. The relay or transistor will be activated by the output port, and switch on a larger current to drive the high current DC devices like motor, magnetic lock, solonoid, etc...


Output port interface to high voltage devices. AC fan, AC motor, Lamp, Iron, Heater.

It is also possible to drive high voltage Vac appliances, by using a higher rated relay or through the product PIC-117 mini AC relay switch.

PIC-117 is a non-mechanical relay AC switch. The relay is more robust compare to he mechanical version. It uses less energy and can be activated by a digital input as low as 3.3V.



Communication Interface

The device has a RS232 port and can be interface to devices like Computer, PC104, iPhone, Arduino or other controllers. The connection allows the I/O to be controlled.



We are able to customised the device for up to 4x input, 4x output. Analog input, PWM output can also be customised to your need. Propietary RS232 protocol can also be implemented through the RS232 port. For ethernet version, please refer to our other product PIC-112 Ethernet I/O controller.


Product that uses PIC-113 (Control Vac Power Socket using USB port.)

USB controlled AC power socket


allow a computer to control the power to from a 230/110Vac power socket to appliances. The control command will be communicate via a virtual serial communication port. For Setup and Command, you can refer to the documentation for PIC-113.

USB controlled AC power socket

For control vias network ethernet socket, please contact us for your customisation requirements.


Java Software Example
Java example to control PIC-113 USB+RS232 I/O controller.
pic113java.zip (Please read the "readme.txt" file located at the root of the project folder)

Visual Basic Software Example
---not available yet---

Visual C# Software Example
---not available yet---

Visual C++ Software Example
---not available yet---


RS232 Test Tool for PIC-113

Hyperterminal Program
Docklight RS232 Program www.docklight.dewww.docklight.de
PIC-113 test file for Docklight


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