Pelican case alternative (Case Size Selection)

Cheaper and affordable. Choose from the hard case size that fits to your use. The case sizes are different from the Pelican case product range. The hard case list starts from the smallest to the biggest size, making it easier for you to choose the size that you want.

All the case comes with the protective foam inside (Pick & Pluck Sponge Foam). Available only for customer in Singapore.

Case Size and Price List

Hard Case
ModelInner Dimension
(mm) estimated
Outer Dimension
(mm) estimated
Est PriceComment
HC-001234 x 178 x 105260 x 245 x 120S$105+GST
HC-002234 x 178 x 155260 x 245 x 170S$105+GST
HC-003228 x 178 x 100270 x 250 x 125S$55+GST Cheap
pelican case
HC-004228 x 175 x 100270 x 245 x 130S$55+GSTCheap
pelican case
HC-005228 x 175 x 150270 x 245 x 180S$62+GST Cheap
pelican case
HC-006300 x 224 x 130340 x 300 x 150S$142+GST1.8Kg
HC-007300 x 225 x 125345 x 295 x 155S$92+GST
Inner Dimension
(mm) estimated
HC-010365 x 265 x 150420 x 330 x 180S$115+GST
HC-011460 x 326 x 121485 x 375 x 135S$115+GST
HC-012460 x 326 x 146485 x 375 x 160S$117+GST
HC-013460 x 326 x 170485 x 375 x 184S$119+GST
HC-014470 x 360 x 175S$120+GST
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HC-015430 x 290 x 150470 x 360 x 180S$125+GST
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*** Most popular
Case Size
HC-016426 x 290 x 159465 x 370 x 180S$175+GST2.8Kg
HC-020495 x 315 x 175560 x 345 x 230S$145+GSTwheels
HC-021495 x 330 x 175560 x 360 x 230S$162+GST
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HC-022570 x 425 x 215S$149+GST
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4x latches
HC-023454 x 355 x 265575 x 395 x 305S$139+GST4x latches
HC-024495 x 340 x 200575 x 420 x 216S$149+GST2x latches
Inner Dimension
(mm) estimated
HC-030611 x 431 x 311S$165+GST
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HC-031545 x 355 x 265710 x 420 x 180S$165+GST
HC-032640 x 340 x 170721 x 431 x 181S$165+GST

Please take note:

  • Please take note that the size dimension indicated is approximate +/- 3mm.
  • Please note that there is GST charges on top of the price presented.
  • Price listed is subjected to changes.
  • Please email us to check the stock and availability.
  • Leadtime is about 7 to 10 working days.
  • There will be additional charges for delivery.
  • Payment has to be made in advance.
  • There is no cancellation or refund once order is confirmed.
  • Only available in Singapore

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