Mini Touch Sensor [PIC-116]


Mini Touch Sensor [PIC-116]


  • Ultra mini size (21.5 x 10.2 x 3mm)
  • Ultra light weight (1g)
  • Wide supply voltage (1.8V, 3.3V, 5V)
  • NPN output (drive up to 40V 0.5A)


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Mini Touch Sensor [PIC-116]Mini Touch Sensor [PIC-116]


  • Sensitive to touch
  • Longer operating lifespan (no moving mechanical parts, no wear and tear)
  • Can be easily concealed/hidden behind the surface.
  • Easy to install in tight spaces. Small, flat (low profile).
  • Easy to deploy and use. Stick it on the surface, to deploy your touch sensitive button.
  • Robust against moisture, water resistance
  • Works with a lot of material. Through a glass, plastic and metal surface.
  • Works through gloves
  • Braille-friendly
  • Touch sensitivity can be increased by with a higher capacitance Cs. Cs value can range from 2 – 50nF.
  • Touch surface can be extended to an external surface by soldering the interface to H1 pad.


  • Water resistance enclosure
  • User interface application

Wiring Diagram for Mini Touch Sensor [PIC-116]

Wiring Diagram for Mini Touch Sensor [PIC-116]

Refer to I/O Interface Wiring Guide for other types of wiring for interfacing to electronic I/O, high current or high voltage devices.

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